23 Marketers And Me

Jeff Bussgang has a very interesting post this morning about the tremendous potential associated with the lowered cost of genetic sequencing. 23andMe recently ran a one-day discount offering their Personal Genome Service for $99, down from $499, and even more recently have dropped the base price to $199.

What does it mean if knowing and securely storing your genome costs less than a new iPhone? According to Bussgang:

“What might happen with that kind of large-scale genomic data available in that format? Inbound marketing. Rather than pharmaceutical companies pushing drugs through their large sales force, they can access this database and alert consumers as to what drugs might fit what genomic profile. Rather than hunt for clinical trial candidates in hospitals throughout the world, drug companies can email the relevant 1000 patients that precisely fit the indication they would like to test.”

So what do you think? Would you be comfortable with a pharmaceutical company contacting you based on what’s in your genome? What privacy controls would have to be in place?

4 thoughts on “23 Marketers And Me

  1. Lynne Gordon says:

    I can not think of an scenario where I would be comfortable with any organization having such personal information about me.

    My genome is what makes me who I am. It is my physical, spiritual and emotional essence. I believe that if we ever allow this information into the hands of Big Pharma, Big Business, or even Big Agra, they will use it any way they possibly can to make a profit.

    We have to remember, corporations are required by law to show a profit whenever they have the means to do so available to them. CEO’s and other top officials at such corporations can be tried and actually go to jail for failing to do so.

    Knowing this makes it imperative, in my opinion, that we ensure that they NEVER have access to such personal information about us.

  2. Mary says:

    Oh, pharma’s not even there yet. The alt-med anti-toxin/vitamin/longevity folks are way ahead. I’ve seen DNA-determined skin creams. DNA diet ads.

    And wait until the dating companies roll in….


  3. Lynne Gordon says:

    I would sooner deny my own eyes, than the word of God: Daniel 12:4

    “…But you, Daniel, keep this prophecy a secret; seal up the book until the time of the end, when many will rush here and there, and knowledge shall be increased in those days.”

  4. Raj Doshi says:

    Pharma and Insurance companies have ‘bribed’ US Congresspersons and hired lobbyists (many probably previous Congresspersons or their Staff)to write one-sided legislation that is an assault to common sense.

    They sometimes seriously abuse info about and relationships with their own customers.

    The key problem is that they are too big, and too connected to call to the mat. It is almost impossible to police them and reprimand them.

    So, no, they should not be allowed to have the license to directly, randomly and continually contact individuals at will.

    And unless Congress has the gumption and courage to fund and strengthen Regulatory Agencies, privacy controls should NOT be loosened.

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