Who is behind Cake Health’s AWESOME video?

Since Cake Health launched, I’ve gotten a ton of inquiries from other entrepreneurs about our demo video, so I figured I’d do a post.  The brains behind our video are the talented folks at Epipheo Studios.  They are smart, disciplined, and boy are they fun to work with!

A little bit about the process

They started with a kickoff call to learn about the problem we are addressing, our product, who our audiences are, and what is the call to action.  This is the brain dump phase.  They also recommended that we stay high level enough with the product description so that we can iterate (as startups should) without obsoleting our video.

From this they developed a few story lines for us to see which parts we liked and what adjustments need to be made before honing in on one script.  The story lines also has notes about what visuals would be shown at each point of the script.  Here is where you want to make most of the changes, before they get deeper into the production.  A first draft of our character (the every day Hero Dad) was also delivered for feedback.

The next deliverable was a sketched out storyboard of the script.  Last call for any changes, but hopefully not.  A voice over audio file will be sent shortly after for you to review.  Next comes the animated video without sound.  Once they get sign off on the audio and video, they put the two together and include additional sound effects.

And there you have your final video!

How it was used

We timed it so that it would be ready for our launch at Disrupt, and posted it to YouTube and to our homepage the day before presenting.  Our press release went out at the same time we went on stage, driving a lot of traffic and press to our site.  In many cases, the media embedded the video into their stories covering Cake Health as a quick way to demonstrate what we do.

A demo video is a terrific way (maybe even the best way) to quickly communicate the problem you are addressing and how your product solves it.  It’s visual and can be entertaining, informative, or emotional.   No one wants to read a paragraph, so how will they find out how great you are?

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