Make Laughter a Part of Your Medical Plan

It turns out that sometimes laughter truly is the best medicine.

Of course you can’t just chuckle away your medical condition or completely cure a disease by laughing. However, there is a good deal of scientific research to support the idea that laughter can indeed improve our health and contribute to healing.

In fact, we read an article recently about three new studies that shed further light on the healing powers of laughter. You can check out the full story for more, but here’s a quick summary of the findings:

One group of studies indicated that laughter may decrease the perception of pain. Patients had significantly higher pain thresholds after laughing. Those who had just laughed felt less pain from the same stimuli than those who weren’t laughing.

Another study found that laughter may protect against a heart attack. It seems that people with heart disease were 40 percent less likely to laugh compared to people without heart disease.

The final study mentioned in the article found that a sense of humor appears to keep people healthy and improves longevity. Those with a sense of humor were more likely to reach their mid-70s.

Additionally, the physical act of laughter has been shown in various studies to:

  • Create a feeling of well-being;
  • Increase creativity and complex problem solving;
  • Stimulate social support and the sense of teamwork;
  • Lower blood pressure by reducing vasoconstriction of blood vessels;
  • Reduce stress and induce relaxation.

While laughter may not cure everything that ails you, it can’t hurt and it just might help.  So for the sake of your health, go and find some funny friends.

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