The Best Free Health and Fitness Apps

The other week we wrote a post on the top healthy habits for a longer life, and today we’ll review the list of healthy habits and recommend our favorite FREE apps that will help you keep up with your new life.  We hope you enjoy!


Sleep On It is a great app for tracking sleep habits and quality of sleep. You can also record other health habits such as caffeine or alcohol intake that might affect your sleeping pattern, which could be related to how much sleep you had.  To use the app, simply push the button when you go to sleep and wake up to insight into your slumber.

Availability: iPhone, iPod touch or iPad

Per Tip #1:  Get at least 6-8 hours of sleep


Lose it is an easy-to-use tool that helps you set goals around your weight and establish a daily calorie budget that will lead you to your end goal.  To use the app, enter food and exercise easily using a searchable database. From there, setup motivators to help keep you on track and use detailed online reports to track your progress!

Availability: iPhone, iPod touch or iPad

Per Tip #2:  Portion Control


RunKeeper uses GPS technology to track your fitness activity, such as how far you went, how long it took, what your pace/speed was, how many calories you burned, and the path you traveled on a map.  After your workout is finished, the data syncs to the Run Keeper website where you can view a history of all of your activities, and totals of all of your vital stats.

Availability: iPhone, iPod touch or iPad

Per Tip #3:  Move Your Butt


Wellness Tip of the Day offers easy-to-follow tips that promote healthy living.  What’s more, they don’t come in boring text but in colorful bouncing balls!  With Wellness Tip of the Day, you can also email selected tips to friends and family; including helpful advice such as the benefits of daily flossing.

Availability: iPhone, iPod touch or iPad

Per Tip #4:  Floss Daily


Hesitant to spend hundreds of dollars on a yoga membership? Yoga Free offers 250 yoga poses with photos and instructions, as well as relaxing music for your practice – guaranteed to give you piece of mind.

Availability: iPhone, iPod touch or iPad

Per Tip #5:  Don’t worry, be happy


7 thoughts on “The Best Free Health and Fitness Apps

  1. Knowing these helpful apps exists kindles my desire to go out and get a smart phone. Overall informative article.

  2. JoAnn says:

    Nice list.
    I love Lose it for tracking food & exercise but I also recommend the Healthy Habits app if you want to actually change your behaviors.

    • Thanks, JoAnn! Just curious – how has Healthy Habits been successful in changing your health related behaviors?

      • JoAnn says:

        Hi Lindsay,
        I have been using the Healthy Habits app for about 4 months. The real benefit to me is that I have made a bunch of little changes in my actions. They are easy to make, but also easy to forget to do… using the app gives me a way to hold myself accountable. (For me, it work best to create new habits – I don’t realty care for the break habit option.)

        – Talking the stairs at work. Because I want to record the action, and get credit for it, I remember to do it… everyday. And if I forget, my phone reminds me. Now I don’t even think about taking the elevator.

        – Drinking Water. It sounds easy but before using the app I would do good job for a few days and then slowly stop (I don’t know why). With the HH app I have a 33 day “Streak” going and I don’t want to blow it… so I drink my 6 glasses every day.

        – Being grateful. I have a habit set to write down 3 things I am grateful for each night before I sleep. Since I have been doing this I sleep better and am a less stressed and happier person. (This has been a life changing habit for me and I got the idea for it from the app. They have lists of habits you can choose from if you don’t want to type in your own.)

        For food tracking, I really like Lose it but I do have some food habits like eating a fruit everyday that I also use the app for. Basically I use Healthy Habits for creating any little habit that would make my life better.

  3. Deborah J says:


    I love your new site! I hope to delve more into it in the next few weeks.

    I was just reading the above blog “The Best Free Health and Fitness Apps” and must beg the differ as to being the “Best” …

    I would never deem something to be the “best” that is only available to a fragment of consumers (my personal opinion). Not one of the listed apps is available to Android users who are a large (soon to be the largest) segment of smartphone consumers.

    I am sure this was just an oversight on your part, as your site overall is very good. Perhaps you bring this to the attention of each site’s webmaster.

    One more point and I will conclude my feedback … I’d like to see more blog posts on the benefits of preventive healthcare options and also on alternative healthcare. There are many experts on both who would be happy to serve as ongoing guest bloggers.

    Thanx for allowing my comments and best wishes for future success!

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