Better Health in 2012

This week, many Americans will resolve to better their health in 2012, choosing among the most common New Years Resolutions: to lose weight, exercise more, quit smoking, reduce stress and cut back on drinking.

Sadly yet unsurprisingly, many of these resolutions will die off in February when the excitement of a new year has worn thin.  In fact, out of those who will decide on a New Years Resolution this week, only 8% will keep their resolution throughout the year.  That means the other 92% of us will be back to our old habits and writing down the same resolution next January, with a glass of wine, cigarette and additional 5 lbs.

The good news?  Each one of us can be part of the 8% with hard work, commitment, and strength in the face of a bakery.  So in order to set you up on the track for success, Cake Health is introducing a New Years Resolutions blog series, tackling the top 5 most common resolutions around health.  We’ll explain the benefits of following through, suggest smart strategies to achieve your goals and provide you with cheap resources to ensure that your goals are met!

To begin, we encourage that you start small.  Instead of making a list of all the things you wish to change, make one straightforward resolution. Keep it simple. Studies have shown that one of the biggest reasons why resolvers don’t meet their goals are because they are either too ambitious or vague.

Once you’ve chosen one of the 5 resolutions, write it down on paper, sticky notes or on your mirror – any location that will force it to stay top of mind!  Next, check in with the Cake Health blog to see specific strategies for each goal.

Cheers to a new year and a new you! 


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