Cake Health Helps Mother of Six Manage Healthcare Expenses

The other week, we asked our biggest fans to tell us how they’ve been using Cake Health, and what it’s helped them achieve.  While we can’t say whether they responded for the free t-shirt or as a simple act of kindness, we can say that we got more Cake Health love than we ever imagined!

Within a week and a half we had received close to 200 responses from men and women around the nation, thanking Cake Health for making their lives a little bit easier… and now it’s our turn to thank YOU!

We’re so delighted that our users have been enjoying the product that we couldn’t wait to share some of these awesome testimonials.  Here’s one from a mother of six, Sascha, who has been using Cake Health to stay sane in the process of tracking her children’s healthcare:

“From the second I heard about it I loved the idea of having something like what Mint does for finance with CakeHealth for my healthcare and insurance needs.

As a parent with sixchildren keeping track of all your doctor’s visits, dental appointments, eye check-ups is a lot of work, and CakeHealth puts it all right in front of me in one spot, and even lets me know when I could be doing something better and save money that way!

Simply put: If you have health insurance, you should be using CakeHealth!”

We’ll be rolling out more testimonials in the upcoming months, so stay tuned!  And if you haven’t already signed up for Cake Health, give it a try – it’s free!

2 thoughts on “Cake Health Helps Mother of Six Manage Healthcare Expenses

  1. Robert says:

    Have you read anything about Gerald Pollack’s work with Structured Water?

  2. Lindsay says:

    I have not, enlighten me Robert!

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