More often than not when we talk to our users about how they’ve been using Cake Health, we find that our service has helped them stay on top of their medical bills and better understand their health insurance – but recently it’s been all about the dough!  After using Cake Health for a couple of months, our users are catching medical over-billing and saving tons of cash.

But don’t let me tell you…

It was a complicated year. Between my wife’s prenatal care, a new baby, and five surgeries for our other little one, we were getting pages and pages of insurance statements everyother day. But thanks to CakeHealth, I was able to spot that our insurance company mistakenly reset our deductible mid-year and got a little over $1000 refund! Thanks CakeHealth!” -Anonymous, Davis CA

I’ve been using Cake Health since the beta first opened up. I did it an invaluable tool when dealing with my health and ore-existing conditions. On numerous occasions Cake has saved me thousands of dollarsby analyzing my Health Data Ina way that discover double charging among other insurance malfeasance. Thanks Cake Health!  -Matt, Sammamish, WA

My partner Joe recently had open heart surgery. We used Cake Health to keep a sharp eye on his co-pays and deductibles, making sure we did not pay for anything over his Maximum Deductible for the year. We caught two claims at >$500 that had been charged to us that were actually not our responsibility. Not sure we would have caught it on the insurance company’s site. Thank you! -Jeff, Spicewood, TX

Happy Savings Cake Friends!