Best and Worst States for Individual Health Insurance

Paying for individual health insurance premiums can be brutal.  For those that are self-employed, or cannot otherwise receive health insurance, this is quite a significant monthly expense.

Of course, location with insurance changes everything.  Sheryl Nance-Nash reports that the national average is at $215 per person for a monthly premium.  The most expensive states are as follows:

  1. Massachusetts: $437
  2. Vermont: $401
  3. New Jersey: $364
  4. New York: $357
  5. Rhode Island: $344

On the other side of the picture, those who have to get their own health insurance capture inexpensive rates in the following states:

  1. Alabama: $136
  2. California: $157
  3. Arkansas: $163
  4. Idaho: $167
  5. Delaware: $173

Health insurance shoppers should know that variations exist.  Shopping around is a must in any type of insurance, and it is certainly the case with health insurance.  Also, there may be ways to get around needing to purchase individual health insurance – it could be possible to be covered under a spouse’s health insurance plan.

Part of the battle exists with overall costs.  Using savings accounts, prescription cards, and other opportunities to save money can be extremely beneficial, as part of an overall strategy.

At Cake Health, health costs can be monitored for free.  Users can see how much they are paying for insurance, prescriptions, and everything else, along with helpful tools to keep track of payments and bills.  It is also a helpful tool to analyze one’s finances, seeing if any changes may be necessary.

Don’t fret if you have to pay for individual health insurance.  Shop around and remember that there are other ways to save money.

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