One of the largest full face snorkeling masks available. The Aqua-Lung Snorkeling Mask by Hyperbaric Technologies. No more excess water on your snorkel, no more snoring and no more back pain. It comes with a 180 degree full face design meaning you get to take in a much larger viewing area than with most other snorkeling masks available.

I've found these snorkeling masks to be quite useful for their ease of use. First, they are very easy to put on and take off. Second, with the newer technology designed to keep the lenses clean and clear they don't fog up on you underwater like some older designs did. And third, they have an extremely high level of UV protection that will keep your eyes from being damaged by the UV rays of the sun. Now, there were always some issues associated with the fogging issues of earlier style snorkeling masks but with this design they are virtually unnoticeable even when you aren't under the water.

Hyperbaric oxygen chambers as mentioned above are the most popular design in snorkeling masks today. However, Hyperbaric also have come out with the Hypercristle Lenses which is probably the best snorkel masks available on the market today. They have an incredibly high level of dissolved oxygen content, which allows you to see more clearly underwater. The lenses themselves also have extremely high optical clarity and have no issue with the lens fogging up at all.

Most people think that all of the equipment that goes into a full face mask has to be bulky and heavy, but the Hypercristle Lenses is different. Because they use a new technology called WaveGap technology they use extremely thin lenses which provide crystal clear viewing underwater. Because of this feature it is possible for these types of snorkeling masks to be lighter than the conventional full-face mask designs. This is why they are perfect for scuba divers, pilots, fishermen, and other water sport enthusiasts. This also helps them provide the optimum visibility for other recreational users of their gear such as kayakers and canoeists.

Snorkel gear such as snorkeling masks is only meant to be worn underwater. While they do work well in that regard, they will do absolutely nothing for you underwater unless you choose to remove the lenses entirely. That being said, there are still other design features that make the Hypercristle lens the superior design. For example, these lenses have been tested and certified to withstand impacts of up to 10 times their weight in pressure. They are also constructed using fiberglass and don't have any external structures to amplify sound like other full face masks do. Therefore, your voice will not be muffled by the mask and will remain clear and free of static when you are wearing it.

Another feature that sets the Hypercristle Lenses apart from other competing brands is that there are no internal pressure seals required. The company has instead designed its own specially designed silicone seals which act as airtight seals around both the top and bottom of the face mask. This eliminates the need for any air leaks, making for a very quiet experience when you are snorkeling. In addition to the seals there are also specially designed diver seals which are located on the back of the mask, and these also reduce the amount of wind resistance that is experienced while you are wearing the mask.