Exercise Changes Genes Within Minutes

March 06, 2012, MyHealthNewsDaily Staff
Exercise causes chemical modifications to genes that may ultimately play a role in the body's adaptation to exercise.
Almost Half of US Workers Say Weight is Biggest Health Concern

February 28, 2012, David Mielach, BusinessNewsDaily Staff Writer
What are you worried about in 2012?
Exercise is Good for Your Health and Your Career

February 28, 2012, David Mielach, BusinessNewsDaily Staff Writer
How can working out help you at work?
Exercise During Pregnancy Is Safe for Moms and Babies

February 24, 2012, Linda Thrasybule, MyHealthNewsDaily Contributor
The study is one of the few that looked at the direct effect of exercise on the fetus — researchers measured fetal heart beat and blood flow through the umbilical cord.
Massage May Enhance Exercise Benefits, Study Finds

February 01, 2012, Joseph Brownstein, MyHealthNewsDaily Contributor
Massage do more than just make you feel good — a new study shows that a massage after a workout reduces inflammation and revs up your muscles' ability to make energy.
9 Tips for Exercising in Winter Weather

January 20, 2012, Remy Melina, MyHealthNewsDaily Contributor
With the right preparations and safety precautions, you can easily work out while enjoying winter's fresh, frosty air.
 Yoga Made Safer: Experts Provide Do's and Don'ts

January 19, 2012, Allison Becker, MyHealthNewsDaily Contributor
Here are tips from experts to avoid injuries while doing yoga.
 Marathon Runners at Low Risk of Cardiac Arrest

January 12, 2012, Linda Thrasybule, MyHealthNewsDaily Contributor
Marathon runners do not have a higher risk of their hearts suddenly stopping than people doing other types of sports, a new study shows.
 Americans Increasingly Rely on Technology for Health

November 29, 2011, David Mielach, BusinessNewsDaily Contributor
Do you exercise with your phone?
 Exercise Helps You Sleep Better

November 28, 2011, Remy Melina, MyHealthNewsDaily Contributor
People who routinely exercise sleep significantly better and feel more alert during the day, a new study shows.
 5 Experts Answer: Can Yoga Help You Lose Weight?

November 08, 2011, Lauren Cox, MyHealthNewsDaily Contributor
Yoga can help with weight loss, but it depends on the kind of yoga.
 5 Most Amazing Marathon Feats

November 06, 2011, Luke Yoquinto, MyHealthNewsDaily Contributor
Here are five stories of the greatest marathon-related feats.
 Exercise Fights Effect of ‘Obesity Gene'

November 01, 2011, Joseph Castro, MyHealthNewsDaily Staff Writer
Exercise even helps people with a genetic predisposition for obesity.
 City Cyclists Breathe In More Black Soot

September 27, 2011, Remy Melina, MyHealthNewsDaily Contributor
Cyclists in cities have higher levels of black carbon, which is present in car exhaust and associated with heart attacks and reduced lung function, in their lungs than pedestrians, a new UK study shows.
 Don't Sit Tight: 6 Ways to Make a Deadly Activity Healthier

September 12, 2011, Maureen Salamon, MyHealthNewsDaily Contributor
Sitting puts unhealthy forces on your body, follow these six tips for healthier sitting.
 7 Common Exercise Errors — And How to Fix Them

September 02, 2011, Eric Hal Schwartz, MyHealthNewsDaily Contributor
Here are seven exercises people commonly do incorrectly, and how to do them right.
 Top Athletes Face Higher Risk of Heart Problems

August 31, 2011, MyHealthNewsDaily Staff
Elite athletes have a higher risk of heart rhythm problems than recreational athletes.
 Docs Cite Head Injuries in Ruling Out Youth Boxing

August 29, 2011, Cory Hatch, MyHealthNewsDaily Contributor
Kids' brains can take longer to heal, and memory impairment can affect learning.
 Love Puts Workouts on Fast Track, Study Finds

August 17, 2011, Rachael Rettner, MyHealthNewsDaily Staff Writer
A new boyfriend or girlfriend may improve your performance in sports.
 How to Stick to an Exercise Routine

August 16, 2011, MyHealthNewsDaily Staff
Researchers are beginning to unravel just what makes us more likely to stick to a workout regime.
 Move It: Sitting Boosts Your Risk of Chronic Diseases

August 02, 2011, MyHealthNewsDaily Staff
An inactive lifestyle may put you at risk for chronic diseases, even if you find time to hit the gym.
 Sitting is Deadly, Mounting Research Reveals

July 31, 2011, Rachael Rettner, MyHealthNewsDaily Staff Writer
A growing body of research suggests sitting down for most of the day can be lethal.
 Toned Muscles Protect Against Diabetes

July 29, 2011, MyHealthNewsDaily Staff
Insulin resistance, a common precursor to diabetes, was lower in those with more muscle mass.
Exercise Caution: Heat Illness Sends 6,000 to ER Yearly

July 28, 2011, MyHealthNewsDaily Staff
Males between the ages of 15 and 19 had the highest incidence.
 7 Common Summer Health Concerns

July 27, 2011, Lindsey Konkel, MyHealthNewsDaily Contributor
Some health woes are more likely to happen during the summer than any other time.