Why does Cake Health ask for my login information (username and passwords)?

Using your login and password, we set up a secure connection to your plan’s website. This makes the organization of your data automatic and speedy. Also, any updates are pulled in daily without any effort on your part. We do all the work for you. If you feel uncomfortable with giving us your login and passwords at this time, there is also an option to enter your expenses manually or upload a pdf document of your claim. You can always add your account information later once you decide to give our automated version a try.

Do I have to give you my login information (username and passwords)?

No. We hope you’ll find Cake Health to be a useful tool even if you don’t take the additional step and authorize us to automatically pull in your claim information.

Is my login information stored on your servers?

If you authorize Cake Health to automatically pull in your claim information, the credentials that you provide are securely stored on our servers. We have taken the utmost precautions to secure and encrypt this information. Even an attacker who gained access to the server itself would not be able to access this information.

Do you share my information with the insurance companies, or any outside party?

Absolutely not. Your personal information is precious and sacred, and yours only. The only information we share is aggregated data to show trends for research purposes and would never be linked to your identity.

Can my insurance provider or my employer see my information?

Not at all. Only you will ever have access to your information and only a limited amount to those you designate as your emergency contacts. You have full control.

I’m experiencing a problem. How do I report a bug?

We’d love to hear from you! You can either submit your problem using this contact form or you can call our support line at (650) 395-8339 and leave a message and a good time for us to call you back to walk through the issue with you. Your feedback will help us improve our product and deliver the best service possible.

How do I make a product or feature suggestion?

In that case we’d definitely love to hear from you. You can let us know via this contact form or give us a call at (650) 395-8339.

Can I delete my information?

Yes, you can easily delete any and/or all of your information from Cake Health at any time. We never sell or share your information outside of the closed Cake Health environment.