Small team, big impact.

At CakeHealth, we’re on a mission to un-complicate the complicated. It is no secret that healthcare has been a mess for too long. Deductibles? EOB non-bills? No one knows what’s going on! We want to fix that. We have a revolutionary vision and are looking for the most resourceful, intelligent and hard-working individuals to help us achieve it.

If you believe in CakeHealth’s mission to help people better understand and manage their healthcare expenses, enjoy fast-paced environments and solving complex problems, please send us a note. On a small team, your impact will be huge.

Rebecca Woodcock – Founder and CEO

Rebecca, a seasoned corporate strategy and research executive, leads CakeHealth’s market and business strategy, finance and executive management. Prior to founding CakeHealth, she worked at Ipsos directing proprietary quantitative research for companies including Intel, Google, Sprint, and LG. Before joining Ipsos, Rebecca served as a corporate strategist for Seagate Technology focusing on consumer technology adoption and digital consumption.

Rebecca holds a Magna Cum Laude BS in Marketing from Santa Clara University, is a graduate of the Founder Institute, and a contributor to Mint’s personal finance blog on healthcare related topics.